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26/4/21 Minibeast Monday – Rove Beetles

Rove beetles are a bit unusual in that their wing cases do not extend to cover the whole of their abdomen. As with all beetles though, their wing cases, albeit short, are hard. Beetles form the insect order Coleoptera and within that order, Rove Beetles make up the family Staphylinidae. Within that family, there areContinue reading “26/4/21 Minibeast Monday – Rove Beetles”

19/4/21 Minibeast Monday

Noctuid Moths – The Hebrew Character This little lady popped into my kitchen last week in order to lay a clutch of eggs. Those distinctive black markings identify her as a Hebrew Character Moth, Orthosia gothica. Moths, along with butterflies form the insect order Lepidoptera. Most of the chunky brown moths are in the familyContinue reading “19/4/21 Minibeast Monday”

12/4/21 Minibeast Monday – Hairy Snails!

This little beastie is a Strawberry Snail (Trochulus triolatus), and if you look closely near the spire of its shell you can see that it has hairs growing on it. They are near the spire because only the young snail has hairs (and a snail’s shell gets bigger as it grows, expanding the spiral). Hairy snailsContinue reading “12/4/21 Minibeast Monday – Hairy Snails!”