Sale Fell in January

The idea was to collect gorse flowers for this month’s wine (see Steve’s Wild Kitchen for recipe). The gorse had other ideas, there wasn’t a flower in sight. Leaving Ishbel and Jack the Navigator Hound to climb the fell (these being the two energetic members of the triumverate), I turned my attention to a bitContinue reading “Sale Fell in January”

Walkmill Woods and Mirehouse Ponds

It was a foggy end to the year as we ventured into Walkmill Wood. Robins and Blue Tits serenaded us but the wildlife was more evident from signs than from actual presence. White streaks showed where the favoured perches and roosts were located and trees stripped of bark to head height showed us that deerContinue reading “Walkmill Woods and Mirehouse Ponds”

European Nature Almanack – Jan 2021

What to look for in January from the Baltic to the Mediterranean. Each month we will be looking at what’s going on across the continent in the natural world. Plants, insects, birds,mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Plus, what you can do with plants by way of foraging. This month it’s making wine the easy way. SeeContinue reading “European Nature Almanack – Jan 2021”

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