There’s gold on them thar cliffs

It’s January. It’s Cumbria. It’s meant to be cold. This is no consolation when you’re up on a cliff top with wind howling in off the sea, and your main objective is to collect gorse flowers. Even the Oystercatchers had come up from the beach.

These were the flowers we were after to make some glorious golden wine and eventually, by the pricking of our thumbs (and many other digits) we collected a couple of bags of these delightfully coconut scented gems.

Back at the Old Cornmill this morning, I washed the flowers and put them into a fermenting bin with 8 litres of water. This has to be left for a week, with the lid on, to steep. For the complete instructions to make country wines see Steve’s Wild Kitchen.

Bins are available on Amazon:

This is the US version. They are also available through your local Amazon site.

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