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06/02/22 Ennerdale Water

I’ve heard it said that you can get four seasons in one day in Cumbria. Yesterday we managed all four in about an hour. When we arrived at Ennerdale water it was quite autumnal; all greens and browns and just a nip in the air. Fifteen minutes later and dark ominous clouds rolled in over the water and we were pelted with stinging needles of hail. Then it snowed. Back at the car we sat, wet and frozen, and gently steamed. The sun came out.

With the mini’s heating on full blast we made our way to The Fox and Hounds at Ennerdale Bridge where we sat in front of the wood burner and restored ourselves with a very satisfying Sunday roast. Taking a stroll outside afterwards (in the sunshine) the crocuses by the beck were just thinking about coming into flower. These are the #FebruaryFlowers to look out for in the February European Nature Almanack for those in northern Europe. Those in southern Europe are on the look out for Cyclamens.

This little beck flows into the River Ehen which is the last remaining breeding ground in the UK of the Freshwater Pearl Mussel, Margartifera margartifera. Pearls In Peril is an exciting project to save these, one of our most long-lived animals, from extinction.

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